Best Vertical Jump Program to Increase Vertical Jump

Whether you’re blessed with the God given ability to jump high or are looking for a way to match up to those high leapers, proper training is something that something everyone needs to hone their skill.

Even Michael Jordan spent hours and hours in the gym for years to become the great player that he is.

And if you want to be able to jump higher than everyone else and dunk the ball like they do in the slam dunk contests, getting the right workouts and exercises is the best way to go about it.


How to Measure Vertical Jump for Sports

Athlete testing has come a long way. Today coaches and scouts do a variety of tests depending on the sport. How to measure your vertical jump or leap is one of the things the athlete should know how to do because it is one of the basic tests for athleticism.

The vertical jump test can be done in a number of ways, but however it is done, the main goal is to be able to measure the jumping height of the athlete. (more…)

How To Increase Vertical Jump and Jump Higher to Dunk

If you’re a basketball player, at some point in your career you’ve probably tried different ways on how to increase vertical jump.

It may be because you wanted to jump higher to dunk or just be able to sky over your opponents during the game. If you ask well known trainers, they will tell you that there are many ways to jump higher with some more effective than others.

For anyone who has always wondered how they could add inches to their jump, below is a list of 5 different ways you can get this done.


Best Plyometrics for Basketball to Jump Higher

Any time the topic of vertical jump is involved, one type of training almost always comes up. Plyometrics for basketball to jump higher is one of the things that trainers and athletes will all mention or use during their careers.

There’s one reason for that. Plyometrics are effective.

This type of training isn’t new and has been used by decades. But over time, it has been modified and new exercises have been added to improve performance. (more…)

Best Exercises to Jump Higher (for Basketball and Volleyball)

exercises to jump higherIf you play basketball, volleyball or football being able to jump high gives you an advantage in the sport and when skills testing time comes. This article lists out the best exercises to jump higher.

You can use the exercises in your workouts to improve leg strength and work your fast twitch muscle fibers in order to reach your goal, whether it is to dunk a basketball or get a vertical leap that’s over 40 inches. (more…)

What is the Average Vertical Jump for Men and Women?

good and average vertical jumpThe vertical jump test has been used to measure the lower body power of athletes. It is also a test used for checking physical fitness. So what is the average vertical jump of a person?

We answer that question by looking at some of the statistics compiled over the years.

Athletes are tested for their vertical leap because it is a way of measuring the athletic ability of their lower body.

Strength can be tested by using squats or leg presses, but those exercises do not directly translate to sports.

This is the reason jumping ability is used as the measure instead. (more…)

Players with the Highest Vertical Jump In NBA History

higest vertical jump in nbaWhenever there’s any discussion of the slam dunk and jumping is involved, the topic of who owns the highest vertical jump in NBA history often comes up.

Because jump measurement wasn’t always available having the exact figures on who has the highest ever in history will always be a question.

Some great examples of exceptional NBA leapers that we’ll never be able to measure include:

  • Wilt Chamberlain who was an accomplished high jumper even when he was in high school.
  • There’s also David Thompson who thinks his vertical was 44”, but can’t be accurate because they didn’t measure it officially back them.
  • Of course there’s Dr. J, Julius Erving.
  • Then there’s Dr. Dunkenstein, Darrell Griffith who according to some unverified sources went up 48”.
  • Also included in this list is the first “small” NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner Spud Webb, who seemed like he could jump over himself when you look at the photo stills of his dunks them.


Vertical Jump Bible Review

Vertical Jump Bible Review

Today’s athletes are more athletic and have the ability to run faster and jump higher than ever before. When it comes to jumping higher, whether you want to do it to dunk a basketball or improve your vertical jump test results, there are a few ways to do it.

This Vertical Jump Bible review takes a look at one of the earliest programs that allowed athletes to increase their vertical leap.

The system uses a lot of science based facts and research for its methods and training.


The Vertical Jump Test (Sargent Jump Test)

For a basketball, volleyball or football player the vertical jump test, also known as the Sargent Jump Test is something that’s taken seriously.

The test is a simple physical fitness test that gauges how much explosive power the athlete’s legs are. It’s main goal is to measure the jump height of the athletes.

For certain sports, the jump test plays a big part in athlete assessment because jumping is a big part of the game, specially sports like basketball and volleyball.

Below is a list of steps you can follow to perform the test and measure your jump.